Individual: John Loomis 
Birth: 1622 at: Messing, Essex, England 
Marriage: 6 Feb 1648/1649 at: Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut 
Death: 1 Sep 1688 at: Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut 
Father: Joseph Loomis 
Mother: Mary White 

Spouse: Elizabeth Scott 
Birth: ABT 1625 at: , , England 
Marriage: 6 Feb 1648/1649 at: Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut 
Death: 7 May 1696 at: Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut 

Children: John Loomis
Joseph Loomis
Thomas Loomis
Samuel Loomis
Daniel Loomis
James Loomis
Timothy Loomis
Nathaniel Loomis
David Loomis
Samuel Loomis
Isaac Loomis
Elizabeth Loomis
Mary Loomis


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Source 4. Hudson and Mohawk Valleys, Book: 974.74 D3r: pg: 642;
John, son of Joseph Loomis, was born in England, in 1622, and became man of prominence in the town of Windsor, Connecticut;
He married Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Scott, of Hartford, Connecticut. He was known as Deacon John and died September 1, 1688;

Source 5: Early Connecticute Probate Records Book: 974.6p2m pg: 307;

Source 6: Will of John Loomis, Windsor, dated 27 Aug 1688. Exhibited 4 Dec 1688. Will on file and found in my Loomis File.
John Loomis became a man of prominence in the town of Windsor, Conn. He was deputy to the General Court \in 1666-67, and from 1675-1687 inclusive. He signed his name John Loomys on a court document dated 1688;
He was known as Deacon John On 5 Dec 1682 John Loomis Senior and John Moore took the Inventory of the property of John Gillett; John Loomis has a monument still standing in Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut burying ground. He died at the age of 66;;

Source 7: Catalogue of the names of the First Puritan Settlers of the Colony of Connecticut; Book: 974.6 D2H; John Loomis settled in Windsor in 1639; He came with Mr. huet & was Juror in 1642; John Loomis the 2nd married Elizabeth Scott, Windsor in 1648

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