Individual: John Ford 
Birth: ABT 1590 at: , , England 
Marriage: ABT 1617 at: , , England 
Death: 11 Dec 1623 at: Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts 

Spouse: Mrs Martha Ford 
Birth: ABT 1592 at: , , England 
Marriage: ABT 1617 at: , , England 
Death: ABT 1628/1630 at: Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts 
Spouses: Peter Browne 

Children: Martha Ford
Son Ford
John Ford


Source 1. Genealogical Dictionary of Early Settlers of New England by Savage;

Source 2. The Americal Genealogist, Vol. 42, pg: 35-42;

Source 3. The Ford Family by Hannibal C. Ford, Vol. 1, pg: 3.
Discrepincy in death date: another source shows death about 1641-43;
The second ship to New England with emigrants was the fhe Fortune, which left London, England about August, and was commanded by Master Thomas Barton. This ship reached Cape Cod November 9 and arrived at Plymouth November 11 1621. The Fortune was the first boat after the Mayflower and brought comfort and aid in numerous directions.
This ship brought thirty-five persons for the Colony, most of them being from the vicinity of London. Among the passengers was a family by the name of Ford, consisting of the father (Given name unknown for certain, but thought to be John Ford probably from Southwark, a Leather Dresser by profession; ), The wife & mother (Martha), and two children, John & Martha, with another son born after the arrival at either Cape cod or Plymouth, this event being recorded by Edward Winslow in a letter to a friend in England dated 11December 1621 and sent by return voyage of the Fortune 13 December 1621: The Goodwife Ford was delivered of a son the first night she landed and both of them are very Well. The husband died before March 1623, when in a land allotment the wife is first called widow Ford.; The Widdow Martha Ford jmarried, (2) about 1624-26, Peter Brown, who came on the Mayflower and by him she had two children, Mary & Priscilla. Martha died between 1628 & 1630;
Many sources list William Ford of Marshfield as a son in this family, but primary evidence indicates that he was not.

Source 4. Genealogical Dictionary of Early Settlers of New England lists John Ford as the name of Marthas husband; I have listed him as John, but the name is not well proven.

Source 5: The American Genealogist: Book: 973. D25: (a-G?); an article entitled: Men of the Fortune: Ford: This mans name does not appear in any Plymouth Colony record and therefore we do not know his first name and can only infer that there was a man with this surname on the Fortune;

Alexander Youngs Chronicles of the Pilgrims quotes a letter of Edward Winslow to a friend in England dated 11 December 1621: The Goodwife Ford was delivered of a son the first night she landed and both of them are very well. It would seem unlikely that a widow in the late stages of pregnancy would have been a passenger of the Fortune or any other ship; therefore it seems most likely that her husband was with her on the voyage but died shortly after the date of Winslows letter, since the 1623 Division of Land (apparently made about March 16230 allots four acres to Widow Ford. the fact that Winslow calls her Goodwife rather than widow suports this assumption.

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