Individual: Vincent Meigs 
Birth: ABT 1583 at: Bradford, Perverell, Dorset, England 
Marriage: 1608 at: Weymouth, Dorset, England 
Death: 12 Jan 1658 at: Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut 
Father: Lawrence Meigs 
Mother: Anne Wood 

Spouse: Elizabeth Churchill 
Birth: 1587 at: Weymouth, Dorset, England 
Marriage: 1608 at: Weymouth, Dorset, England 
Death:  at: England 
Father: William Churchill 

Children: Mark Meigs
Vincent Meigs
John Meigs


Source 1. Families of Early Guilford, Conn. This record states that Vincent Meigs was from Dorchester,Dorset, England.

Source 2. New England Marriages Priot To 1700 , by Torrey, pg 502

Source 3. Vincent Meigs will dated: 2 Sep 1658;
His will, it is said, was written on his death bed and it is tradition in Madison that his was the first burial in Hammonassett Grave yard. (Hammonassett became East Guilford and is now Madison, Connecticut;)
It is said that the name was originally Meggs which name can be traced back to at least 1479 and in its early forms Meggson, Megson, Megge, Meggy, to 1273. It is Vincents son John who chamged the spelling of Meggs to the current spelling of Miegs; The reason for the change John Meigs made is not known;

Source 4: Book: 974.67 Has, 1975: History of Guilford & Maddison Connecticut: This source states that he was burried in 1ns cemetery of Guilford which was Hammonassett.

Source 5. Genealogies of the Early Families of Weymouth, Massachusetts by George Walter Chamberlain; pg: 416; States there is no record that he resided in Weymouth, but his son John Meigs name appears in New England at Weymouth;
Vincent Meigs who died at hammononassett (East Guilford), Conn., had administration on his estate granted to his son John Meigs at a probate court held at Guilford, Wednesday, 2 Dec, 1658.

Source 6. Meigs Family In America, Henry B. Meigs;
Vincent Meigs, progenitor of the Meigs family in America, with his three sons, all born in England, it is said, came to America about 1635, being first recorded in this country as at Weymouth, Mass., in 1639. Tradition says he married a Miss Churchill, who probably died in England before he came to America.

It is proposed that Vincent Meigs was probably related to the Meggs of Bradford Peverel considering the uncommon name and the fact that Chardstock, Axminster, and Bradford Perverel are all within 25 miles of each other; But just how the relationship may be is still a mystery.

Source 7: Our Meigs and Smith Ancestors: Book: 929.273 M476 mei:
This source states that in 1632 in Axminster, Devon, a parish adjacent to Chardstock, A Vincent Maggs (Porbably this Vincent) was appointed the overseer or the will of John maggs, who could possibly be his brother;
Our Vincnet did name a son John, possibly after a brother?

Source 8: Ancestry And Posterity Of Joseph Smith And Emma Hale, pg: 369
Vincent Meigs came with his sons to New England evidently about 1634.
They embarked, it is supposed, from Weymouth, England, and are recorded at Weymouth, Massachusetts, in 1619, where a son was born to John Meigs, son of Vincent, in 1641/42. later they went with Reverand Samuel Newmans company to Rehoboth, where Johns name is found on a division of woodland, in June, 1644. Apparently they left that year, however, making a short stop at Hartford, Concord, Connecticut, and finally arriving in New Haven, where John is recorded as taking the oath of Fidelity that same year.
Here, also, Vincent is recorded two years later on 6 October 1646, as Vincent Meigs, neglecting to report to trayne on 15 June 1646, and was fined 2 shillings, six pence. But if he bring proof, runs the quaint old record,

Source 9: Hudson & Mowhawk Valleys Genealogy, Reynolds, 2: 876
This source states that he trayned twice in fortnight, the fine is remitted.
He was recorded in the same year as being an old man with only two children known to us.
In spite of his age, Vincent seems to have moved around a good deal with his sons.
They were in Guilford in 1647,signing the Patentee Cnarter there.
About 1654, the family of John, with the old father, removed to East Guilford, then called hammonassett, now Madison, where a house was built on property later owned and occupied by Sergeant Daniel Meigs, a prominent descendant.
Vincent was the first to be buried in the town of New Haven,Connecticut;
(though the oldest gravestone to be found in the cemetery now bears the date of 1682);

Source 10: New England Historical and Genealigical Register: 2: 34

Source 11: Book: 929.273 M476mRecord of the Descendants of Vincent Meigs who came from Dursetshire, England to America about 1635; (The first edition of this record was prepared by Henry B> Meigs, was copyrighteed by him in 1901, and published in 1902. This (1934) edition has been prepared by Return Jonathan Meigs, 9th.

Source 12: The Compedium of American Genealogy, Vol. 5, pg: 774
Vincent Meigs came from England with his sons John and Mark, to Weymouth, Mass, ca 1639;
He was at New Haven Connecticut in 1646;
He was later at Milford, Guilford and what is now Killingworth, Connecticut;

Soruce 13: Colonial Families of USA, Vol. ii, pg: 511

Source 14; Record of the Descendants of Vincent Meigs by Henry B. Meigs;

Source 15: In Search of the Passengers of the Mary & John, Vol. 16, pg: 137;

Source 17: The American Genealogist Vol. 53: pp: 92-93;
Vincent Meigs, or Meggs, as it is spelled in the English records, came with his sons John & Mark to Weymouth, Mass in the 1630s, later moving to Connecticut.
He died 1 Dec 1658.
A number of quite erroneous statements concerning his ancestry and his marriage have appeared in print over the years, but never to this writers knowledge has one single item from source records in England been found on his name.
Frequently published accounts of Vincent Meigs end with this quite useless statement: He married a Miss Churchill.
Through search in England over a number of years, much material has been added to a fairly voluminous Meigs file. This has been chiefly on families of the London area, Dorset and Somerset.
(for more interesting data from this source-see my Meigs Surname File.)

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