Individual: Nathaniel Foote 
Birth: 21 Sep 1592 at: Colchester, Essex, England 
Marriage: ABT 1615 at: of Colchester, Essex, England 
Death: 1644 at: Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut 
Father: Robert Foote 
Mother: Joane Brooke 

Spouse: Elizabeth Deming 
Birth: ABT 1595 at: Colchester, Essex, England 
Marriage: ABT 1615 at: of Colchester, Essex, England 
Death: 28 Jul 1683 at: Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut 
Father: John Deming 
Mother: Elizabeth Gilbert 
Spouses: Thomas Wells  

Children: Frances Foote
Mary Foote
Elizabeth Foote
Robert Foote
Nathaniel Foote
Sarah Foote
Rebecca Foote


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Source 5. Genealogical Dictionary of Early Settlers of New England by Savage Nathaniel Foote was one of the first settlers of Wethersfield.

Source 6. Genealogies of Early Settlers of Watertown, Mass. by Bond. Nathaniel lived first in Watertown Massachusetts in 1634 & removed to Wethersfield, Conn. in 1636. He was of the Colony of Massachusetts Bay in 1633, when he took the Oath of Freeman; His name is listed in the first records of Watertown, Mass

Source 7. First Settlers of Connecticut;
Nathaniel Foote was one of the first Settlers of Wethersfield, Conn. His wife & six children left Colchester in 1630 with the Winthrop Fleet consisting of 1500 souls and 11 ships, their ship being the Ann; they landed at Plymouth, but settled at Watertown where he bacame a Freeman in 1633; Nathaniel was granted 18 Acres of land at Watertown; He received permission to go into the interior and Seek other land in the kings Name; As a first settler of Wethersfield, he was granted a house and 400 acres of land in the Great Meadow. The land was wild & primitive country and a toss-up as to whether the Indians or the Wolf packs were more dangerous. Nathaniel served in the Pequot Indian War in 1638 and was granted land for his service. He was a deputy in 1643 and a deligate to the General Courn in 1644. he died in 1644 and his wife
died in 1683.

Source 8. IGI File
Nathaniel Foote, the son of Robert & Joan (Brooke) Foote of Shalford, Essex, England; On his 16th birthday, he signed as an apprentice to samuel Croyle of Colchester, grocer & free burgess.

Nathaniels name first appears in the Colonial Records of the Colony of Massachusetts bay, volume 1, pg: 113, on September 3, 1634, he was made Freeman.

Nathaniel, in Wethersfield, Stiles tells us, was probably one of the first ten men, known as adventurers who first settled here; and that he was the largest holder of so-called Adventurers lands; In the original layout of the town, 1640, he received a home-lot of ten acres, at South End of Broad st., East side, and gradually became the owner of other pieces of land amounting in all to over 400 acres. In 1641-43 he represented the town in the general Court, an evidence of the respect & confidence in which he seems to ahve been held by his fellow-townsmen.

Nathaniel Foote died in 1644, about 51 years of age. he was buried in the graveyard behind the church in Wethersfield but no stone remains. He did not leave a will but the inventory of his goods and lands was exhibited at a Particular Court held in hartford the 20th of November 1644. Five children were living with their mother at that time and their ages were recorded: Nath: 24, Rob about 17 years., Frances about 15 years, Sarah about 12 years, Rebecca about 10 years.

At the Public Record Office in London in the Privy Council Unbound paters series information relating to his estate has been found. In these papers his heirs are not named, with the exception of Nathaniel, the eldest, but are identified by their ages for the sons, the relict is mentioned and the daughters.

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