Several families of this name came to America probably about the years 1690 to 1700; but their residence, connections and genealogy are not fully known. They were of Scottish-Irish origin.
One family settled in Woodstock, Windsor, Connecticut.
Colonel Hugh McClellan settled in Colrain, Franklin, (before called Hampshire), Massachusetts.
Rev. Daniel McClellan was born in Pennsylvania, but was living in Colraine in 1769.

**James McClellan came into New England about 1718, and settled in Worcester, Worcester, Massachusetts;
Source: “History of The Town of Sutton, Massachusetts”

“James McClellan, son of James, one of the Scotch-Irish, came to Worcester, Worcester, Massachusetts in the summer of 1718. The family later removed to Sutton, Worcester, Massachsuetts;
Source: “History of Worcester And Its People, pg: 182.”

We, (my sister, my grandson and myself, all of whom have diligently researched on the Chloe Prentice line), believe that Chloe Prentice was living with the family of James Stockwell, when she, Chloe, was married in Warwick, Hampshire, Massachusetts to Seth Drake of Putney, Windham, Vermont; Chloe was a resident of Warwick in 1784 when the marriage took place and the marriage is documented in the book: “The Town of Warwick Frankliln County Massachusetts: Genealogical Records: 1739-1900.”

James Stockwell is a son of Rebecka (McClellan) & David Stockwell, of whom his mother Rebecca is a sister to Chloe’s probable mother, Mary McClellan, (Mary & Rebecka are both daughters of James McClellan;)

James Stockwell removed to Warwick, Hampshire, Massachusetts about 1779-1780 & can be found in the 1790, 1800 & 1810 Warwick, Franklin, Massachusetts Census Records. He died in Warwick in 1811;
His mother Rebecka re-married to (2) Henry Harback shortly after the death of her first husband David Stockwell. Henry & Rebecka resided in Sutton until the death of Henry in 1776; No death record in Sutton can be found for Rebecka Harback; (She was only 51 when this (2) husband died & it is very probable that she married a 3rd time to Bartholomew Carriel in 1764 in Sutton, Worcester, Massachusetts: Bartholomew Carrol is documented as being in the 1790 Warwick, Hampshire, Massachusetts census along with James Stockwell.

All the McClellans left the town of Worcester before the Revolution;
Mary McClellan married John Prentice; Mary was of Sutton & John was of Uxbridge, Massachusetts;
Mary died in Sutton in 1777 and her death is recorded in the Vital Records of Sutton, Massachusetts;
John Prentice is said to have died shortly after 1779 of a drowning accident in Uxbridge:

We believe that Chloe was cared for by her aunt Rebecka after the death of her parents. (If so, she would have been close to her cousin James Stockwell of Warwick;.)

In the source “The History of The Prentice Family In New England” by Binny; He states that he received his data on John Prentice and Mary McClellan from Luke Prentice who is son of James Prentice; James Prentice is son of Samuel Prentice;
Samuel is brother to John Prentice of whom we believe to be father to our Chloe;

Luke Prentice claims that his father James told him about James “uncle John” Prentice;
Luke says his father told him that “uncle John had 6 children; Three of whom are sons, Elkannah Shubal, Thaddeus; and three others, whose names he doesn’t know, including “several” daughters who removed to Vermont.
The son Elkannah is documented as living in Vermont near Seth and Chloe;

A Samuel Prentice, possible son of John & Mary (McClellan) Prentice, is documented as living in Vermont near Seth and Chloe. Samuel removed to Vermont where he married Phebe Goodenough; ;
There is a Sally Prentice hanging around the records that cannot be placed in a family; She may be one of the”several” daughters of John that is said to have removed to Vermont; We know who she married and are in process of checking her genealogy to see if they are in Vermont; (Chloe & Seth named a daughter Sally;) Sally, Samuel & Chloe would account for the other 3 children that Luke mentions;
Sources: Vital Records of Sutton, Massachusetts; “A History of Worcester, Massachusetts & Its People;”” History of The Prentice Family In New England” by Benny;

Mary & John Prentice, Rebecka and her three husbands were Sutton Families; The Abijah Drake family also resided in Sutton, Massachusetts; Seth Drake joined the Revolutionary Army in Sutton in 1777, the year Mary McClellan died in Sutton; John Prentice also served in the Revolutionary War after the death of his wife, Mary;
Someone must have cared for the children at this time. Chloe would have been a small child;

Elkannah & Shubal Prentice, (known sons of John Prentice, according to Luke) both served in the Revolutionary war and were young, like Seth, when they joined; We have approximated birth dates for them from their war records; They both married Tamberlain sisters whose marriages are documented in Holliston, Massachusetts;
Sources: Vital Records of Worcester, Massachusetts; Vital Records of Sutton, Massachusestts: “History of the Town of Sutton, Massahusetts; “Worcester, Massachusetts and its People Revolutionary War Records; Revolutionary War Records Vital Records of Holliston, Massachusetts:;

Family names can oft times be a clue in genealogical research, along with common places of residence, which leads to another bit of interesting data that points to this family as belonging to our Chloe:

John Stockwell, of Sutton, (uncle to David who married Rebecka McClellan), had a son Daniel of whom all of his sons & daughters removed to Putney & Townshend, Vermont in the time frame that our Drakes were there; They are documented in the Census Records & other records as well.
One of John Stockwell’s sons, Nathaniel, had a son Nathaniel Stockwell who named a daughter Chloe B: 1778 & D: 1782; His son John married Elizabeth Walker and named a daughter Chloe B: 1786; It appears that they also removed to Vermont;
The name Chloe does not show up in any of the Stockwell families until 1778; It doesn’t appear to be a common Stockwell family name; Chloe would have been living with the Stockwell family in 1777 or sooner; . Perhaps Chloe Stockwell was a namesake for Chloe Prentice;

The fact that many of the David & Rebecka Stockwell family removed to Putney & Townshend, Vermont is also interesting. If Chloe was raised in the home of her aunt Rebekca, she would have been close to these people. (perhaps treated more like a sister than a cousin.)

Mercy Stockwell, (a relative to James Stockwell of whom we think Chloe was living with at her marriage) married into the Sprague Family; She married John Sprague14 January 1778 at Chesterfield, Cheshire, New Hampshire; He is son of Roger & Sarah Sprague;
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